A nonprofit theater for troubled youth in Sellwood is now planning a school teaching theater...

DAVID F. ASHTON - Vanessa Hopkins, left, and Ann Singer are looking forward to opening the Two Wolves Theater School in Sellwood, in conjunction with nonprofit Rogue Pack.  For youths and their parents who may be looking for a local school teaching theater arts, organizers are creating the "Two Wolves Theater School". It's an offshoot of the nonprofit "Rogue Pack" theater group, at the Sellwood Theater on S.E. Spokane Street.

"Starting by spring, we'll be teaching kids' classes – like clowning and circus arts, monologue work, musical theater, and dramatic presentation. And then we'll be putting on shows," explained the school's program director, Vanessa Hopkins.

Meantime Ann Singer, founder of the organization, told THE BEE, "Through our work with 'Rogue Pack', which teaches theater to under-served youth, we found that parents are looking for this kind of performing arts education that many times they don't get in school. Eventually, we look forward to seeing the two groups working together on projects."

There isn't yet a website for the "Two Wolves Theater School", but there will be a link from the "Rogue Pack" site when it's set up and running – at

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