The Johnson Creek Watershed Council has moved to Woodstock from, as it happens, Johnson Creek

DAVID F. ASHTON - On an office-by-office tour of their new Woodstock headquarters, Johnson Creek Watershed Council Executive Director Daniel Newberry (at left) explained the purpose of each room. After being situated near the creek just south of Ochoco Street in northwestern Milwaukie for many years, the offices of the Johnson Creek Watershed Council (JCWC) recently moved to the Woodstock neighborhood.

"We were 'running out of time' in the old building, and a commercial real estate agent helped locate this space, and secure a three-year lease, on the second floor of Keiter Hall at Woodstock's All Saints Episcopal Church," recounted JCWC Executive Director Daniel Newberry, while leading a tour of the new offices on S.E. Woodstock Boulevard.

Standing in the largest of their offices, the "Community Engagement Room", Newberry recalled with pride how staff and many Board Members had volunteered to rip out decades-old carpet, paint the walls, and install new flooring throughout the space.

"The large size of our space is important, because we have as many as thirty interns working with the JCWC each year, each of whom is involved in a 100-hour internship," Newberry said. "Because we don't have space for a Board Room, though, the JCWC Board meets in the Reedwood Friends Church in the Reed neighborhood [at Steele and S.E. 29th], not far away."

After our tour of the new offices, THE BEE continued the conversation with Newberry in the church's Parish Hall. "Some of the benefits of this location include being a little bit more centralized in the watershed. We have more visibility, too, by being right on Woodstock Boulevard; and, there are many places within an easy walk to go for lunch and coffee, too! And, having the use of the Parish Hall – a large space we didn't have at our former quarters – is also a very nice site amenity."

The JCWC office is open most weekdays at 4033 S.E. Woodstock Boulevard. To learn more, visit the organization online:

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