The planned new park might seem like an impossible dream; but....plant sale by plant sale....

DAVID F. ASHTON - Happily supporting the Balfour Park project at the annual plant sale are buyers are Zuriel Van Belle and Kezia Rasmussen, buying plants from Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association Arts Chair Chris Davis. It's still just a dream for many Ardenwald-Johnson Creek neighbors, but the long-planned Balfour Park is inching closer to becoming a reality.

That's what Friends of Balfour Park Plant Sale organizer Lisa Gunion-Rinker told THE BEE at the annual fundraiser held on Sunday, May 19.

"With what we raise from this year's sale, the total will be about $12,000 we now have for starting to develop our park – the only one, in this part of our neighborhood – and putting our Master Plan to use," she said.

An immediate project is to partner with "Depave" to remove asphalt driveways from the otherwise vacant Belfour Street property – that is, after obtaining permits from governmental agencies.

"Also this year, we hope to get our Community Garden up and running," commented Gunion-Rinker.

"Yes, I am tenacious," she said with a smile, "But, that's what it takes to create a neighborhood 'pocket park' that will have a kids' area and a natural space in this under-served area," Gunion-Rinker reflected, as she turned to help another plant buyer. The amount raised in this year's plant sale totaled $1,725; over 400 plants were sold.

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