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For many patients, dental insurance is confusing and frustrating. Seeking help at an experienced dental office is the best way to eliminate that confusion and frustration. A knowledgeable Treatment Coordinator, like our Melissa Bradley, knows how to make your insurance benefits work best for you by providing you with the highest possible quality of care while minimizing your out-of-pocket expense.

With the end of the calendar year upon us, dental insurance benefits are expiring. Most dental plan benefits reset January 1st, with all unused remaining benefits zeroed out ("Use or lose"). Our Treatment Coordinator is available now to help you determine how to best make your expiring insurance benefits work for you and your needs.

Do you need a cleaning, filling or crown? Calling to schedule now provides the best chance of securing your ideal day and time for treatment.

With the holidays fast approaching and patients scrambling to get in before December 31st, fewer appointment slots are available making opportunities to get treatment completed more difficult the longer you wait to schedule.

Additionally, it is now open enrollment. When considering the best dental insurance option for you and your family, reach out to our Treatment Coordinator for advice. Our experienced team can guide you in picking the dental insurance that best serves the needs and desires unique to you and your family.

You will find that your local general dentist office is the best place to find answers when navigating the confusing world of dental insurance. Call us today!

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