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Brought to you by Todd Gifford, DMD, Gifford Family Dentistry - DENTAL INSIDER

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DEXIS CariVu is an amazing technology addition to diagnostic x-rays and intraoral pictures traditionally used to diagnose dental problems. Over a century ago, x-rays were invented. While the dental x-ray is still an important tool for diagnosing dental problems, x-rays have their limitations. Early decay can remain hidden by surrounding healthy tooth structure or fillings or crowns. And cracks in teeth are rarely visible with an x-ray. About 20 years ago, dentists started using intraoral cameras to show patients obvious, advanced tooth decay and cracks in teeth. Pictures continue to be helpful for patients to understand why treatment is being recommended, especially if painful symptoms have not presented yet. But what about internal, hidden problems that have not progressed to the point of being visible with a camera or on an x-ray and that do not hurt yet?

In 2014, DEXIS CariVu was introduced to address this exact problem. This diagnostic tool provides the ability to easily detect tooth decay with amazing clarity, including decay hidden between teeth and not yet detectable by either a camera or an x-ray. Patients can view these images immediately with their dentist on a computer monitor. And no ionizing radiation is used with this device. It simply fills the tooth with near-infrared light and snaps a high-definition picture of the result. What does this mean for you? Your dentist can identify and fix early problems before they further compromise your tooth. And small dental problems are ALWAYS less expensive than big dental problems, so you save your money and your teeth. Be proactive about protecting your smile so that it can last a lifetime. Ask about DEXIS CariVu imaging today.

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