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Bruxism is defined as excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching. For many, this condition goes unnoticed until symptoms begin to surface.

Symptoms may include:

-Teeth grinding or clenching loud enough to wake others- Flattened, fractured, chipped or loose teeth

-Increased sensitivity of the teeth

-Soreness or tightness in the jaw or face

-A dull headache or earache

-Psychological and physical causes include:

-Emotions-Anxiety, stress, anger, or frustration

-Pain - Chronic pain in other areas of the body

-Strategy to cope or focus-Usually during the day, but patients may not even be aware that they're doing it

-Malocclusion-Poorly aligned teeth may be a factor

-Sleep Apnea-Bruxism often accompanies sleep disorders as well as acid reflux

-Medications-Specific psychiatric medications may cause patients to severely grind their teeth

Custom Therapeutic Night Guards-Look for a dentist who has special training to fabricate a custom therapeutic night guard that can help prevent further damage to your teeth while also inhibiting your subconscious desire to engage in bruxism while sleeping. "Facebow" and "Centric Relation" are terms you should listen for when your dentist explains how s/he fabricates custom therapeutic night guards. A custom therapeutic night guard requires more than a simple impression of your upper and lower teeth and is substantially more effective than anything that can be purchased over the counter or via the internet.

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