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This INSIDER is brought to you by Feed and Ranch Division Supervisor Laken Gortler of Dahlgren's Do-It-Best Building Supply - BUILDING SUPPLY INSIDER

(Image is Clickable Link) Laken Gortler - Dahlgren's Do-It-Best


I think our Do It Best rep wants to take credit

for bringing Chickens into Dahlgren's but to be fair,I think the locals beat him to it. Once I attended a Do It Best show where I spoke with chick suppliers, it didn't take much for them to convince me the locals were onto something.

As it turns out, we set the bar really

high our first year, selling close to over 2THOUSAND chicks in just a few months....


Since then we have learned so much about chick breeds, eggs, feed and supplies, bruders and coops. We also have a great system down for taking special orders- which we find is the best way to sell chicks. 

Come in and let us know the breeds and quantity you would like, we can easily accommodate most orders.


Some favorites are Light Brahmas and Americanas, because they lay beautiful eggs and who doesn't enjoy a farm fresh egg over store bought!? Along with our favorite chick, we also have Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Midnight Majesty Morans and Back Sex Links. Quail will be in stock soon and we also plan to bring in Turkeys & Ducks!!

Those who intend to get ducks should know, we'll only sell them in a minimum of two or more because ducks do better in a pair or a group! We want happy animals.


Our new motto: Dahlgrens...the home of happy chicks



Dahlgren's Do-It-Best Building Supply & Feed

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