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80 years after Deputy Ernest C. Loll's death in Southwest, members of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office honor their fallen comrade

CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Multnomah County Sheriffs Office deputies honor Loll each year at the memorial stone, to keep his memory alive.Nearly 80 years have passed since Multnomah County Sheriff’s Deputy Ernest C. Loll was killed in the line of duty while responding to a call in Southwest.

But year after year, several dozen county deputies and others gather in green uniforms near the intersection of Southwest 35th Avenue and Southwest Arnold Street to honor the fallen officer and remember many more who have given their lives in public service.

Undersheriff Tim Moore read a statement for the group during this year's brief memorial ceremony.

“We are here to remember Deputy Ernest Loll, (to) remember the sacrifice he made for the citizens of Multnomah County and to remember his service to this agency, state and nation,” Moore read aloud.

CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Undersheriff Tim Moore reads a written statement in front of Lolls memorial stone.On Sept. 29, 1935, Loll responded to the area after a nearby resident reported hearing shotgun blasts. When he confronted two men who appeared to be poaching pheasants, the men killed Loll with several shots and fled the city.

Portlanders George Leonard Fiedler and August Ferdinand Weston, both 23, were soon captured near Moclipse, Wash., and returned to Portland, where they were convicted of the crime.

A large stone memorial was erected in 1936 to honor Loll at the site where he was killed. Moore said the rock stands as a “lasting tribute” to Loll and others like him.

“Seventy-five years later, his sacrifice and our shared desire to remember him holds true, here in this quiet, forested corner of the county,” Moore said, reading from the statement.

CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Two members of the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office Honor Guard pause for a prayer during the memorial ceremony.The Sheriff’s Office held its annual memorial ceremony later in the day at the Hansen Building, 12240 N.E. Glisan St., to honor all staff members who have died in the line of duty.

Moore said that county deputies held memorials at Loll’s rock for many years, but that the practice faded after a while. He estimated that the sheriff’s office brought back the tradition sometime in the past two decades, to honor one of their own and keep his memory alive.

“As time goes by, memories grow long and people turn their time and attention to other matters. Deputy Loll’s memorial was all but forgotten,” Moore said in his statement. “That is why we are here today.”

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CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Multnomah County Sheriffs deputies and others blocked off a portion of Southwest 35th Avenue for a brief memorial service on May 11.

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