The Golden Ticket returns on the first Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. Merchants are lined up to participate.

The Golden Ticket shop local promotion returns for its ninth year.In the case of that annual shop local promotion - the Golden Ticket -  an old proverb was tweaked:  RECESSION is the mother of invention.

"Golden  Ticket was designed to improve our local economics.  It was 2008, we were in a hole and this was specifically designed to get more business for local businesses," said Randy Bonella, the neighborhood activist who designed the first Golden Ticket promotion.

This year Golden Tickets will be handed out by the 50 or so participating merchants beginning on November 26.  That's the first Monday after Thanksgiving.  In past years the program kicked off before Thanksgiving.

PHOTO BY BILL GALAGHER - Randy Bonella has run the Golden Ticket porgram for Multnomah Village and Hillsdale merchants since it started nine years ago.That's the only major change this year.  Bonella says the system has been refined over the years. "It's been almost a decade.  We didn't want it to be too complicated for the merchant or the customer.  We found a way to keep it simple and that way works pretty well," said Bonella, who calls himself the "instigator" of the Golden Ticket.

Here's how it works:  By spending a certain amount of money at one of the participating businesses you receive a Golden Ticket.  (The business will establish how much you have to spend.)  That Ticket can then be redeemed at any other participating business and be worth what that business has determined.  

For example, the Golden Ticket you earn at Paloma Clothing in Hillsdale could be worth 10% off a book at Annie Blooms in Multnomah Village. That's just an example.  Each merchant will make a decision on redemption value. This is JUST an example.

When the program got started in 2009 8,175 tickets were handed out.  Two years later 22,725 Golden Tickets were in circulation.  For 2018, 34,000 were distributed.

Businesses will advertise their participation and display window posters. Golden Tickets will be available until the end of December or when businesses run out.

Golden Ticket is a program of the Multnomah Village Business Association.

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