With the future of the transit devices in question after Nov. 20, SW may never see them

The absence of E Scooters on the streets of SW Portland is most likely  the result of a business decision, but the scooter companies in town aren't saying so.

"I can't speak for the companies, but if you're not seeing many scooters in SW, it may be due to the fact that the companies have seen low demand in this area of the city and thus aren't  placing scooters there.," John Brady wrote The Connection in an e mail.  He's the Director of  Communications for the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).

SUBMITTED PHOTO BY MICHAEL GALLAGHER - A sight you may not see in Downtown Portland after November 20.  That's when a pilot rpogram allowing E Scooters ends.There are three companies currently renting out shared electronic scooters in parts of Portland. None is saying why they're not making e scooters available in SW Portland.  

Only Skip Scooters responded to multiple e mail requests.

"We can't talk about any plans past the pilot - our hope is the pilot expands - in

length, number of scooters and where we deploy," said Kathleen Madariaga on behalf of Skip.

The pilot program she refers to ends on November 20th and PBOT has made it very clear that "Permitted companies are required to remove their scooters on November 21," according to  the PBOT website.

The 2500 e scooters allowed under the pilot program will have to be retrieved by the three companies while PBOT decides if they will become a permanent part of Portland's transit scene.  "Scooters will be off the streets starting November 21st," says Brady of  PBOT.

Dylan Rivera at PBOT says we may not know the verdict on the e scooter pilot program until 2019.

"We plan to produce a report based on the data and information we have gathered. It will take a number of weeks to complete that report after the pilot program is completed," he explained in an e mail.

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