Here's a sampling of comments on Facebook about the ongoing repaving project on Southwest Capitol Highway

If it's summertime, it must be time for road work. The "build season," when crews wearing bright colors show up with heavy equipment, signs and flaggers, began in Multnomah Village on the first day of June. The roadway is being repaved and some sidewalks are being upgraded in a project that will cost $2.6 million and be completed before Multnomah Days on Saturday, Aug. 17. The Portland Bureau of Transportation is in charge. Granite Construction of Vancouver, Washington, is doing the work.

Here's a sample of some of the many comments about the project posted in reaction to online coverage in the Southwest Community Connection:

Joan S. — "This construction is going to make it tricky to find on-street parking and at times, difficult to drive to and through the village. Remember there is a large parking lot just west of the art center and across from Starbucks. Walk, ride your bike, park up in the neighborhood as the local businesses will be open and need your support! (Thinker Toys' owner and MV resident)"

Denny P. — "Didn't know the street was in that bad of shape! Gas tax."

Alysa W. — "Bill, we're counting on you to let us know if they find anything weird, wacky or wonderful under the 100-year-old pavement."

Beth O. — "Excited about the improvements and fixes they'll make."

John C. — "Given all the road problems in SW Portland, this is one of the last places I would select to do work on. PBOT makes really strange and expensive decisions here."

Amber L. — "Why didn't they do this when they redesigned Multnomah Village streets and took out all the parking spots and put in those dangerous bioswales? Poor merchants. Twice the angst."

David M. — "Very odd project from PBOT in that they apparently skipped asking for any input from the public. They held a last-minute open house and that was it. Pretty much the opposite of what they did with the recent Vermont Street project. I wonder why."

Shari R. — "Does this include finally putting a sidewalk in around the Hoot Owl and making that stretch safer for pedestrians?"

Sue B. — "Has anyone driven up Southwest 41st from Garden Home Road up? Now that's a road that needs some work!!"

Erin W. — "I talked to some construction workers the other day and told them they need crosswalk blinking lights up. LOL Keep your fingers crossed."

Jenn H. — "Other problems need to be addressed first ... why? Just why. And possibly canceling Multnomah Days? You know construction projects most often go long, not short or on time."

Barb C. — "There's no talk of canceling Multnomah Days....none... Zero."

Doug L. — "A welcome improvement that will add more appeal to our quaint little village. I'm hoping some of the commuter traffic that can't seem to read a speed limit sign find permanent alternate routes."

Scott L. — "I hope they do something to mitigate all the non-resident idiots who will now probably try cutting through our streets at Mach 90. They should put in temporary speed bumps on every street that would cut around the construction."

Andrew M. — Scott LaRoche, seriously. I want to walk around with a bucket of old wrenches to throw at speeding cars."

Laura H. — "Sorry that Multnomah is not the same when growing up there in the 70's thru the 90's. Those were the best times in the best little town."

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