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DAHLGREN'S DO IT BEST - Eric DahlgrenEveryone has probably noticed that the weather has been changing, which also brings changes to Dahlgren's! We're bringing in stove pellets, flashings, roof coatings and all the products that people need. We're also changing the feed a little bit, and bringing in feed that maintains our animals in the winter and fall in greater quantities.

Yes, it's transition time at Dahlgren's. It looks like our new warehouse will be done in a couple of days. We're starting to put on our racking. Outside, all our treated lumber is going to go on racks. We'll have a better idea of what we've got; it will be easier to maintain; and frankly, the place will look a little bit neater.

Chris and I are also getting ready to go to Indianapolis to the Do It Best show. We'll get a fresh look at all the different products and different programs. We got that survey in and thanks to everyone who turned it back in. They all got $10 gift certificates, and we have to print those out. We're going to redo the entire inside of the store to stock more stuff that will meet our needs in Columbia County. We are two to three months out from that. Winter is the ideal time to do that because we have a little more time.

If you need, get online and shop at Dahlgren's Do It Best. We'll have 64,000 units in Woodburn, with free shipping. That's an avenue for our customers to explore.

Dahlgren's Do It Best

58351 Columbia River Hwy

St. Helens, OR 97051

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