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Brought to you by Eric Dahlgren - Dahlgren's Do It Best - BUILDING SUPPLY INSIDER

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I've recently added hardwoods. We just received a new shipment-maple, oak, and poplar. Come shop our 8-foot section with various widths and lengths, I think we are the only place in Columbia County to sell it.

If you need propane to start the grill up, come on in, it's at an extremely low price right now.

We're seeing some movement in the steel business. Because of the tariffs, some places are starting to raise prices 25% on steel panels, rebar, steel fence posts, and wiring, but I have some steel at the old prices. If you're contemplating a fencing project or need steel, especially steel siding, order it now and I'll try to protect you on the price. At the least, the price of steel is going to go up 15% in the next 60 days.

There has been a drop in the price of lumber, so I've been stocking up. Hopefully the weather will change here, soon and people will be out doing their projects. We carry cedar for fencing, cedar planting boxes, lattice, and 2x4 and 2x6 lumber to build your decks and your rails. Prices have dropped a little bit.

Panel products are up a little bit. The export market is still sound, so logs are being shipped-everything seems to be in balance right now.

Baby chicks-this is the first year we've carried baby chicks. The second shipment is in and the third shipment will arrive on the 20th. We carry what you need: feeders, the waterer, bedding material, medicated and organic feed and chicken coops.

Dahlgren's Do It Best

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