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Spring is in the air and many people are considering the benefits of owning chickens. If you've researched having chickens, you've undoubtedly seen the hundreds of cute chicken varieties that can play on swings and show affection.

But before you put all your eggs in one basket, find out if chickens are practical for your lifestyle, or even legal on your property. Chickens are easy to care for. They will need a clean coup with nesting boxes to lay eggs in that can be locked at night to stay safe from predators. The coup should be cleaned every other week. Chickens will also need a fenced area to roam in daylight hours. Their set up will need a grain feeder and a waterer that won't freeze in the cold.

Take into consideration that chickens need 14-15 hours of sunlight to maximize egg production; many Northwest chickens don't produce eggs in the dark days of winter. Furthermore, the older the girls get, the less they produce.

The number of chicks a family should maintain depends on where you live; check city codes for poultry regulations. Also, consider how many eggs you'd like to have for your family. The most prolific chickens produce one egg per day. Statistics are available on the laying habits of the various breeds.

I admit I am a chicken addict. I love the way they run to greet me and their funny antics. Then there is the unbeatable taste of a fresh organic egg. Stop by All About Pets and let us help you get your poultry paradise started.

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