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Is Mr. Checkers becoming a Chubby Checker? Spring is the perfect time to revisit your pet's health and weight. Like humans, your pet's weight can affect their health and quality of life.


If your pet can't get exercise, consider lessening the amount you feed or switch to a diet food. Adding fruits and vegetables to a diet can provide nutrients, a bit of excitement, and of course fiber for that satisfied full feeling. Most dogs love bananas, cucumbers and carrots. For cats: cooked carrots, green beans and peas. Just remember garlic, grapes and raisins can be toxic to pets.


"Don't look at me with those big sad eyes!" Your pet is a master at letting his wants be known, and treats are no exception. Instead of high-fat treats, think outside of the treat box. Chopped carrot bits, training treats, diet dog kibble all make great substitutions to help your pet with weight. Lots of low-calorie tasty treats are available. Exercise and stimulate your pet with a puzzle treat or food dispenser. And, if you just can't give up their beloved treats, consider cutting them smaller.


Our pets love to lounge around, but they need exercise, too. Take Fido out for a walk or to the dog park , now that the weather is nice, and remember cats love to be taken for walks too. Your pets' instinct is to be active, let them. The benefit is they will come back tired and relaxed. And if it's hard to take your pet out, consider a soft plush toy to play indoor fetch with or a feather tickler for kitty to chase. At

All About Pets, we can help you select just the right food, leashes and toys to keep your pets fit.

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