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Whether you want a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, ball python, chameleon or other reptile, take time to consider care for live food, eating habits, equipment and upkeep. Be sure a reptile is the right choice for your lifestyle. Reptiles need a proper habitat to thrive. Is it a desert or tropical reptile? Is it vegetarian or omnivorous? What does it eat in the wild? Are you prepared to feed live food if best for the reptile's health? Choosing an enclosure is the first important step: make sure it is large enough and the animal cannot escape. Adult Crested Geckos prefer all wire cages, while most bearded dragons need a 55-gallon enclosure. Proper temperature maintenance should also be considered. Most reptiles will need a heat lamp, thermometer, and basking lamp with

UVA and sometimes UVB rays. Heat and lighting depend on the reptile; whether it be basking lamps, heat lamps, under tank heat mats, or night lamps or a combination. Choosing the water source again depends on the reptile. Running water, misting, water dishes are all considerations. What kind of substrate? Sand, bark, terrarium mat? What type of plants or other ornamentation is appropriate? Caring for an exotic pet can be a fun and rewarding experience. At All About Pets we are excited about your new exotic pets! Stop by and let us help you determine exactly what you will need for your new friend. Our experienced staff is on hand to help you choose the right reptile and the products, equipment and food for a happy and healthy pet.

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