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If you've been in a car accident recently, there's a good chance the at-fault driver's insurance company has called you already. They may have offered you some money over the phone for your pain and suffering, or simply sent you a check in the mail (usually for around $1,000.00). In this situation, you'll have at least two questions: 1) "Why is the insurance company doing this?" and 2) "What should I do?" To answer the first question, insurance companies engage in this strategy because it's an effective way of paying out less on your claim. Much, much less. They are hoping to get you to settle before you have time to educate yourself on the process, and certainly before you talk to a lawyer. In my experience, it's the people who are the most financially desperate that fall victim to this strategy. To answer the second question, you should decline the insurance company's offer, at least for now. If you accept that money, your case is done. You won't be able to get anything more. I understand you would like nothing more than to get this whole mess behind you. You could probably really use that money that's being offered. But let's put this in perspective, so you don't panic and accept a lowball settlement. You don't have a crystal ball, and you can't tell the future. You don't know how many visits to the doctor, physical therapist, licensed massage therapist, or chiropractor you're going to need. You don't know how much time you're going to need to take off work. And you don't know to what level and for how long your injuries are going to affect your personal life, your hobbies, and your time with your kids. The prudent thing for you to do, then, is to hold off on settling your case until you're done with your medical treatment. Just don't forget about the statute of limitations, which is 2 years from the time of the accident. If you've been in an accident, give me a call and I'll be happy to give you a free consultation. (503)410-3572

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