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Today's homes are better insulated and energy-efficient, and while this is helpful for your electricity bill, it can leave dust and indoor pollutants trapped and recirculating in your home exacerbating your allergies or asthma. At Western Heating & Cooling, we recommend American Standard AccuClean. It's a filtration system designed to get your air 99.98% cleaner. AccuClean uses exclusive technology-Intense Field Dielectric- to charge the harmful particles in your home and collect them on an oppositely charged surface during the filtration process. In fact, AccuClean has the highest clean air delivery rate of any filtration system on the market and is 100 times more effective than an ionic-type room appliance or standard 1" throwaway filter. AccuClean can trap allergens down to .1 micron in size. Particles like

dust, soot, mold spores and bacteria are often .3 microns. AccuClean removes tiny particles like these, reducing the potential triggers for asthma and allergy attacks. AccuClean cleans your air, but also reduces dust mites by keeping the air below 50% humidity and eliminates 99% of influenzas. The system is reliable, virtually inaudible and will clean throughout your house, not just rooms closest to the ventilation system. Instead of buying changing filters every month with other systems, AccuClean filters need only be vacuumed every 6-9 months. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We will show you exactly what AccuClean can do for your home's air. At Western Heating & Cooling, we want to make your home more comfortable.

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