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As dental professionals, we are often asked about the need for dental radiographs, commonly called X-rays. Radiographs are typically used to detect cavities and periodontal disease. Often, neither tooth decay nor gum disease cause pain in the early stages. If these problems can be addressed sooner, more conservative and less costly treatment can be considered. For most adults, bitewing radiographs allows us to check for cysts, tumors and infections. Many patients ask about the amount of radiation in dental x-rays. At Columbia River Dental, all of the radiographs we take are digital, which means the amount of radiation exposure is far less than with traditional x-rays. For example, a single bitewing radiograph taken digitally has a dosage of approximately 0.005 milisieverts (mSv). By comparison, since radiation is part of our environment, the average American is exposed to 3.2 mSv every year from background radiation sources. Our desire is to keep our patients healthy as well as educated. We believe that early intervention is best in treating dental disease, and that radiographs are an important tool in achieving this goal.

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