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I don't know where summer has gone, but the leaves are starting to turn and it's getting a little rainy and colder.

If you are still fixing up your deck or fencing, we have a few specials on product like cedar decking. And if you're still thinking of installing a pole barn, come in and see us. We have five sets of different engineered plans. Pick a set and we will give you a rough bit, though you can customize it, too and we can help you. If you don't want to build it yourself, we have a list of guys who can do that for you. We sell pole barns all year long, but before the rains really come down it's an opportune time to build one. Pricing has remained steady starting at $8,000 for simple designs to $40,000 for barns with all the amenities.

And we have other items that you may need soon like wood pellets at $209/ton and we have stall pellets, too. We have propane at a low price of $1.99/gallon, and we sell the tanks too, various sizes. If your tank is old or you're a bit nervous with it, you should consider a new one.

Laken added to our livestock area with more horse supplements and vitamins. If you need wire products, we have lots in stock for fencing for horses, farms, houses or even deer. As many of you know, the deer like to get into our vegetables and fruit this time of year.

Hope to see you all soon at Dahlgren's Do-It-Best.

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