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Maybe your work gets very busy around the holidays. Maybe you barely have enough time to shuttle your kids from school to soccer practice and back home to make dinner. Many people have a million different reasons to skip their routine dental appointments, especially as the year winds down to a close. However, if you have dental insurance, pay monthly premiums, and are not coming into the office for your dental treatments, you may be losing money. Every year, insurance companies make millions of dollars off patients who forego their routine dental care. The revenues allocated to pay dental claims are never used, and many dental insurance plans cannot be carried over yearto-year. Your insurance company is certainly not going to remind you to use them. You work hard to earn those benefits, and you should use them-not your insurance company! It's also a good time of year to get treatment before your deductible and your annual maximums reset, and to check on your flexible spending account (FSA). If you don't use your FSA contributions before the end of the year, you lose those pre-tax contributions as well. Addressing potential dental problems now rather than later will also save you money (and pain!) in the longterm as well. Even for the busiest patients, it's worth the time and money to check your benefits and come into the office for your routine dental appointment.

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