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Have you seen slabs of ice floating down the Columbia River?

I have.

Back when I was a junior woodchuck in 1976, I was building my first tri-plex down in south St. Helens. The triplex had a view of the river, located between the tip of Sauvie's Island, the slew, and the river. That year it was cold; I can't think of a colder year! I had always heard from the old-timers that you could drive a Model T across the Columbia when it would freeze, but I always scoffed at that because I had never seen it. But that day in winter, I saw it.

I think the Columbia used to freeze more, but the dams have slowed the migration from up north. Now, the ice must start from Bonneville Dam, which was built in 1934, and of course there's The Dalles Dam a bit further up, which was built starting in 1952.

I don't know where those icebergs came from, but there they were, floating down the river. It's been a little bit warmer, but it doesn't bother me. I prefer it.

But I saw icebergs in the Columbia and I'm sure the old timers have better stories than me. I would hear them talking about the floods and the icebergs. Do you know, they drove from St. Helens where the big mill was, to Warren's Rock on the tip of Sauvie's Island, to Woodland. Simply incredible.

Although I can't remember a colder winter, it still gets cold! Don't forget, at Dahlgren's Do-It-Best, we have your heating needs covered. Stop by for propane at $1.99/gal., logs at $0.89, and two kinds of pellets ranging from $2.09 - $2.19/ton.

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