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The thing about Dahlgren's being in South Columbia County since 1953 is we've sold a lot of products over the years ... one of the more interesting ones being dynamite.

The reason we sold dynamite is that St. Helens is just a big pile of rocks. Before the chippers and the big heavy machinery they use nowadays to dig here, the guys used dynamite. So, we sold powder to folks building pipelines or water and sewer lines. Many of the loggers would also use dynamite for the enormous trees, which aren't here anymore. For 55 years, we sold powder, caps, fuses, cord ... all of it.

We finally got out of the dynamite business after 9/11. Back then, we only sold one or two boxes at a time, but the ATF people came to see us. I had been dealing with them for years and I knew each of them, but they wanted their records done right. I don't really know how you'd be able to take dynamite on a jet and fly it into a building, but after they left ... I started thinking about it. Dad had always wanted to sell dynamite, but he passed away in 1999 and I made the decision that there were too many rules around selling powder and not enough dynamite.

So, we got out of the dynamite business.

To tell you the truth, I don't regret it. Sometimes kids would come in to buy powder to blow up a stump and I'd think, "Are you really going to blow up a stump?"

The thing about being in business for this long ... things change. At Dahlgren's Do It Best, we bring in new products because we listen to our customers and the changing times, booming or not.

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