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This INSIDER is brought to you by Feed and Ranch Division Supervisor Laken Gortler of Dahlgren's Do-It-Best Building Supply - BUILDING SUPPLY INSIDER

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Here at Dahlgren's, Laken orders the farm and feed products, a specialty in which she is very educated in. All of Dahlgren's feed brands are either Purina, or offshoots of Purina, as well as Triple Crown. They have about 60 different kinds of feed, because Columbia County is rich with livestock and locals who are selective in what they'll feed their herds. And they have been known to take a special feed order or two.

Laken has been at Dahlgren's for 12 years and through the years, the one experience that stands out to her is when she brought in chicks. 

"The first time we got the chicks in was fun. We've never had animals in the store before so it was exciting but let me tell you, I was nervous once I saw all the birds, I immediately wondered if they would sell. What if we were stuck with them? We couldn't keep them in stock, there were nearly a thousand chicks at one time!" Laken laughed.

To Laken's surprise, they had no problem selling all those chicks within a short week or two. Dahlgren's has since added turkeys, guineas, pheasant, quail, and ducks to the list of Spring fowl. Along with the chicks, you might be surprised to hear Dahlgren's had a petting zoo event last Spring and a candy give-away this Fall. The parking lot was packed with kids scrambling for both events, petting cows, goats and pigs as well as running into the store for candy. 

In the near future, stay on the lookout for yearly functions like Chicks, Petting Zoos, Trick Or Treat and the possibility of new events like a Women's/Kid's Night with projects. 

Stop by to say HI to Laken, and let her know what events you would like to see her host.

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