Andy DeBois hired last summer from Liberty High School in Hillsboro

Andy DeBois.The principal of Scappoose High School submitted his resignation this week, according to the Scappoose School District's superintendent, less than a year after being hired to the position.

Andy DeBois informed Superintendent Stephen Jupe on Tuesday, June 16, that he would be leaving the district at the end of the month, Jupe said. The district will seek to hire an interim principal to take his place for at least the 2015-16 school year.

“Of all the positions in the district, I think that high school principal is probably the toughest,” said Jupe, who worked as a high school principal in The Dalles prior to being hired as Scappoose's superintendent in 2012.

Jupe said he hopes to see a “horserace” to succeed DeBois. Asked whether any other administrators in the district may seek the high school principal's office, Jupe said he is encouraging “everybody” to apply.

Advertising the job opening as an interim, one-year position “opens it up wider” to applicants ranging from those who might only want to be principal of Scappoose High for a short time to others who are interested in a career at the school, Jupe suggested.

The deadline for applications is Friday, June 26, according to a job description posted in the district office. Starting salary for the position is listed at $100,724.

DeBois did not respond to questions from the Spotlight about his resignation before press time. However, Jupe said DeBois told him he wanted to spend more time with his family than the Scappoose High job has allowed.

“He’s found that this position has pulled him away too much,” said Jupe.

DeBois was hired last August to replace Eric Clendenin as principal of Scappoose High. He was one of four new administrators hired that year — including Whitney Hessong at Otto Petersen Elementary School, who was initially hired on an interim contract but was later confirmed as the school's permanent principal.

Prior to working in Scappoose, DeBois was an assistant principal at Liberty High School in Hillsboro.

Editor's note: This story has been updated.