St. Helens man wanted on probable cause flees two days in a row before being arrested in Scappoose

A St. Helens man suspected of kidnapping and assault was arrested Saturday evening, Oct. 31, after fleeing from police two days in a row.

According to Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson, 30-year-old Brandon Sykes, of St. Helens, was arrested around 11:40 p.m. Saturday, after he fled on foot from Scappoose police officers.

The day prior, Sykes was spotted by U.S. Marshals, who responded to Columbia County to assist the Columbia County Sheriff's Office in tracking down the suspect. Sykes was wanted by the Sheriff's Office on probable cause for felony kidnapping and assault charges.


During Friday afternoon's tracking efforts, Sykes ran into the woods and wasn't caught.

“This was a pretty serious case,” Dickerson said. “The guy had been arrested before for this kind of thing. We don't want him to get back in touch with these victims. We just didn't want him out running around.”

Dickerson said Sykes was not related to the child he is suspected of kidnapping, but may have been in a relationship with the child's parent at some point.

The following day, an informant called police after spotting Sykes near Fred Meyer in Scappoose, Scappoose Police Chief Norm Miller said.

Miller tapped several other law enforcement agencies, including police from Portland, St. Helens and Rainier, along with Oregon State Police, the Sheriff's Office and a canine unit from Washington County, to help establish a perimeter around Old Portland Road, Meadowbrook Drive and EM Watts Road, in hopes of finally arresting Sykes.

When officers saw Sykes Saturday night, he immediately ran.

“He just took off running through a bunch of back yards,” Miller said.

Some residents received an automated call while Sykes was still on the loose, warning them to stay inside.

“I had dispatch send out a notification, that way people knew to stay in and if they heard something they would call,” Miller explained.

Sykes was found hiding in berry bushes around Dutch Canyon Road and Meadowbrook Drive near a creek, Miller said.

He was arrested without incident, according to Miller. He is being held in Columbia County Jail on $19,000 bail.

This story has been updated with new information from law enforcement agencies.