Sponsored content: Eric Dahlgren discusses his commitment to shopping local and looks at a busy summer and forthcoming popular Bucket Sale.

FILE PHOTO - Eric Dahlgren of Dahlgren's Do It Best in St. Helens As we notice in the media and the press, "shop local" seems to be a movement - one that I support, of course, and one most local business­men should. I thought it would be interesting in this column to talk about what Dahlgren's Do It Best does to shop locally.

Several of our suppliers are in our county, and we do probably $30,000 or $40,000 a month with them. We buy a lot of our green lumber from Simson Lumber in Clatskanie and sell their products through our stores. It works out good. They have a very good product and it's compet­itive pricing, definitely. But not only that, they buy a lot of logs from our tree farms in Columbia County, so it's almost a two-step process - or a double-hit, as it may be - for what we do to shop locally.

Conrad Lumber is another one, in Rainier. We buy a lot of our treated lumber there. I don't know how ma­ny people work there, nine or 10 lo­cally, but we zip down to Rainier all the time. It's a source of local prod­uct and we bring it in and we sell it.

Another one we do business with is Forest Energy in Columbia City, where we buy stall pellets, fuel pel­lets and barbecue pellets. Here again, shop locally. We not only do it for the retail part, but also for the wholesale part. So when you buy products from us, a lot of times you're really supporting the Colum­bia County economy.

Busy summer

Well, it's June and we are busy, busy, busy. I just wanted to shout out to some people, some patient customers, that once in a while we do get an overload and we work through it and try to get everything out as fast as we can. Sourcing is a tough time right now. We're hearing a lot of problems with trucking. For us, that would mean some of our ply­wood goods, our sheetrock, or any­thing that comes in on a truck is in short demand. We are working through it, but we just ask everyone to be patient.

Bucket sale

In about another month or so we'll be doing our

Bucket Sale if I get enough time to put it together. Basi­cally, on one day, we're going to have tool exhibits, we'll have a barbecue (we're selling Traeger barbecues) and we'll have a promotion in that we give you a free 5-gallon bucket and you can fill it, and we give you 20 percent off anything that fits in that bucket.

Last year the Bucket Sale was a wonderful promotion for us. We brought in a lot of people. Some peo­ple came in and just got a free buck­et, and that's alright with me. That's OK. Just as long as we get the name out there and we get people thinking about us on their next project. We try to take care of all your entire project needs. We offer delivery. So, this summer, if you got some stuff coming up, give us a call and we'll give you a price.

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