Sponsored: Eric Dahlgren writes about the upcoming Saturday, July 29, Bucket Sale at Dalghren's Do It Best

FILE PHOTO - Eric Dahlgren Upcoming on July 29 we have our 2nd Annual Bucket Sale. That means, if you come in and see me, I'm going to give you a free 5-gallon bucket, and anything you can fit into that bucket you get 20 percent off.

But we're not stopping there.

We've got a Traeger grilling show going on, with demonstrations, so come on by and get your free hot dog and bun.

We're going to have gourmet coffee from Strange Bids, free coffee for everybody, and different types of coffee so you can check that out. I even heard a rumor they might be giving out coupons.

So remember this Saturday, July 29, is our 2nd Annual Bucket Sale, and it's not one to miss.

I'm putting this article together at the old Dahlgren's Do It Best warehouse, the one my father and I built back in 1975. We built the warehouse by hand; we built the trusses by hand, put the poles in by hand, mixed the concrete - did everything by hand. We didn't know any better because we were a couple of Swedes and we just did what we had to do.

The warehouse has done its service for 42 years, and now we're building a new one - it's going to be quite an improvement. Part of it is going to be turned into our mill works department. We have our mill works currently inside the store, but we're going to have it outside, complete with doors, windows and different deck railing options for customers to choose from.

Today, there is so much more to a deck than just the decking. Now, do you look at the deck or do you look at the handrails? There's a lot to consider, so we are offering options. We want to inspire.

The market condition right now is that everything is selling. We were running into shortages on plywood, wafer-wood, lumber - 8-foot 2x4s can be really hard to get. We just bought a load out of Stimson lumber out of Clatskanie, however, so we're very well supplied for all your lumber needs.

As for the feed business, it's staying steady. Not really any shortages there. We're also selling a lot of decks and a lot of fences. Here again, we're offering four different types of fence board, so you don't have to buy just one. We have four different options at different price points, anywhere from $2.79 to a $1.69.

In the treated lumber area, we have 2x4s up to 2x12s, 8s through 16s, and most of them in long stock. We also have pole barn posts. So we're ready and willing.

It's summertime. Pretty soon October is going to be knocking on our door, so we don't want to be trying to fix everything up all at once.

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