Flashing yellow lights will permit discretionary left turns along Highway 30

Recent changes to traffic signals in Scappoose will give motorists more options for making left turns from Highway 30.

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: COURTNEY VAUGHN - Traffic on Highway 30 in Scappoose could get a break thanks to newly installed permissive left turn signals. Motorists can now use the flashing yellow signals at lights to make discretionary turns if traffic conditions permit.City councilors in Scappoose are already lauding the implementation of flashing yellow signals in traffic lights along the highway that aim to improve the flow of traffic during peak commute hours.

The permissive left turn signals flash yellow to indicate motorists may turn left if there is no oncoming traffic.

The signal lights were recently installed by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Chris Negelspach, an engineer with the city of Scappoose, said the city worked for several years with ODOT to try to address heavy traffic flows in the city during peak hours.

"It's been a council goal for several years and we've been working with ODOT for that amount of time on this project," Negelspach noted. "They looked at the whole corridor. They were interested in helping us evaluate how to make traffic flow through this section of our corridor. I suggested that they look at doing permissive lefts to clean up the left turn queues because that interrupts the flow of traffic."

Negelspach said the responses he's seen so far have been positive.

"I think some people may be curious about them because they're maybe not familiar with them," Negelspach said.

Scappoose City Councilors Megan Greisen, Patrick Kessi and Natalie Sanders said they've seen improved traffic flow along the highway in the last few weeks.

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