Donation from Rudi Schulte Family Foundation comes as 'shock' to school principal

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: NICOLE THILL - McBride Elementary School received a $10,000 donation last week from the Rudi Schulte Family Foundation, a private grant-making group based in California. The money will be used to help support a field trip at the end of the school year, funding for two classrooms and other educational programs.McBride Elementary School received a $10,000 donation from the Rudi Schulte Family Foundation on Friday, Nov. 17.

Principal Lisa Tyler said the donation was shocking, and she did not expect it.

"I was sitting in the office preparing for the assembly and this family entered the office and said they wanted to speak with me," Tyler recounted.

Then they handed her the check.

The Rudi Schulte Family Foundation is a private grant-making group based in San Diego, California. The foundation donates to various organizations and schools.

Hollie Schulte, who is a member of the foundation, said her niece has two daughters who attend who attend the elementary school and Schulte wanted to contribute to the school.

Tyler said she announced the funding during the special school assembly Friday, just after the Schulte family presented her with the check.

"We were grateful beyond measure and we were so happy to be able to honor this family during our awards assembly," Tyler said.

The donors requested some of the money be used to pay for a trip to a water park in McMinnville at the end of the school year for sixth-grade students. They also asked for two teachers in the school to be given $500 to spend in the classroom. The remaining $6,000 will be used to support other educational opportunities at the school.

Schulte said she was shocked by the overwhelming reaction of the school when they heard the news.

"Our family has donated thousands to many different causes for over 20 years and I have never experienced anything like this. People were crying, thanking my family & cheering!," Schulte said in a Facebook message. "It was so unexpected and shocking.

Tyler added that the two teachers who benefited directly from the donation were overwhelmed and grateful and thanked the donors personally.

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