Court finds David Lee McDaniel suffers from psychosis and has history of mental illness

David Lee McDaniel, the suspect charged with first-degree kidnapping and attempted murder, was sentenced to 40 years in a state hospital, after a court found him guilty except for insanity.

McDaniel McDaniel, 51, was arrested in Scappoose on Feb. 11 after a woman claimed he held a samurai sword up to her neck and cut her throat, injuring her.

Prosecutors say McDaniel also transported the woman, who was his ex-girlfriend, without her consent, constituting kidnapping.

McDaniel pleaded not guilty to the charges, which typically necessitates a jury trial or plea deal, but the following month his defense attorney, Gabriel Biello, informed the court that McDaniel's mental condition prevented him from understanding the charges against him and assisting in his own defense, citing his "long mental health history."

Scappoose police noted McDaniel was combative and non-compliant while in transport to the jail, causing damage to a patrol vehicle. A Scappoose police officer summoned the help of Portland police and the Columbia County Sheriff's Office to put McDaniel in a soft body restraint device, according to initial reports.

A release agreement offered to McDaniel shortly after his arrest shows he refused to sign the document.

Psychological evaluations of McDaniel showed he suffers from psychosis, and "lacked substantial capacity to appreciate the criminality of his conduct" at the time of the crimes, a court judgment states.

While McDaniel's mental health records remain sealed to the public, court documents indicate that while he understands the charges against him, and is capable of aiding in his own defense, McDaniel remains impaired by "mental disease and defect."

In April, McDaniel sent a handwritten letter to Grant from jail, claiming he was poisoned with Critter Ridder rodent repellant and insulin before his arrest, and sought mental health treatment as well as an earlier court date.

"I know I did wrong so if you let me plea to an A and B fellonie [sic] and give me 75 or 80 months I will take it," McDaniel stated. "But what I really want is mental treatment like the state hospital."

"He is under the supervision of the Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) for 40 years," Deputy District Attorney John Berg noted.

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