Scratch-it ticket purchased in north Portland market yields $100,000 prize

PHOTO COURTESY OF OREGON LOTTERY - Lora McWilliams-Glasscock and husband Lee are celebrating an Oregon Lottery win after McWilliams-Glasscock won a $100,000 prize on a Scratch-it ticket.

A couple from Scappoose is celebrating a big win.

Lora McWilliams-Glasscock and her husband Lee won a $100,000 prize on a $10 Scratch-it ticket.

The $100,000 Cash Blast ticket was purchased at Lombard Market in Portland, the Oregon Lottery office reports.

"I will scratch the play area first to see if I won, then after that I will scratch the prize area," McWilliams-Glasscock told lottery officials. "When I saw that I won, I was excited. When I saw I won $100,000 it almost gave me a heart attack!"

This isn't McWilliams-Glasscock's first lottery win.

"This is the second time I have won on a $10 ticket," she stated. "Eleven years ago I hit another top prize. This was very unexpected!"

The winnings came at the perfect time. McWilliams-Glasscock and her husband live in Scappoose and are in the process of having their home's roof and siding replaced, according to a news release from the Oregon Lottery.

The couple says aside from being able to pay for the work on their home, they can also help support their three grown children and grandchild with the prize money.

Lottery money goes to a variety of public benefit projects in Oregon, from economic development grants, public education funding, and funding for natural resources. Since its inception in Oregon in 1985, lottery money has generated $11 billion for public projects, according to the state lottery program.

"During the 2015-17 biennium in Columbia County, where McWilliams-Glasscock lives, more than $10.3 million in Oregon Lottery proceeds were directed to economic development, parks, education and watershed enhancement," Patrick Johnson, an Oregon Lottery spokesman, stated in a news release.

Lottery officials recommend ticket holders sign the back of each ticket, to ensure they can claim any prizes. Jackpot winners are encouraged to consult with a financial planner or professional about managing their winnings.

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