OSP arrests Eric Howe after cyclist transported to hospital in hit- and-run crash

Two people were arrested shortly after 1 p.m. on Sauvie Island last Sunday, Sept. 2, following a report of a pregnant cyclist who was run off the road and hospitalized.

HoweEric L. Howe, 36, was taken into custody by Oregon State Police after a trooper determined Howe was driving a red Ford Escape to Collins Beach on Sauvie Island when the SUV reportedly ran a bicyclist off the road before parking at the recreation area.

Howe and his passenger, Kelly Amack, 36, of Scappoose, were both arrested for having alcohol at the beach and both being on probation.

According to OSP reports, the pregnant cyclist was transported to a nearby hospital with "significant abrasions on the side of her body and on her extremities," according to OSP Capt. Tim Fox.

The woman also suffered a deep bone bruise in her knee, which was initially thought to be broken. Tests indicate the baby was unharmed and is in good health.

"The report will be forwarded to the D.A. for consideration," Fox noted.

OSP Trooper Joseph Dezso later found the sus-

pect vehicle, but at first couldn't find the registered owner.

"The trooper contacted a male that looked similar to the registered owner, but the male provided ID showing he was someone else and claimed he was dropped off with his female companion at the beach that day," a call log from OSP states.

A quick check on Howe's records revealed Howe was on probation for a sex offense. Dezso detained Howe for being on a nude beach while on probation for a sex crime.

While Howe was in custody, both he and Amack led Dezso to conclude that the pair had lied about being dropped off at the beach.

"The male finally admitted he drove to the area and he was the one that actually ran the cyclist off of the road," the report states. "Both individuals had been consuming alcohol on the beach and the female was found to be on probation also."Amack

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident as a hit-and-run crash.

Howe and Amack were cited for having alcohol on the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area, despite a current ordinance prohibiting alcohol in the area from

May through September. They were also arrested for probation violations and are being held in Columbia County Jail without bail as of Wednesday afternoon.

Court records show Eric Howe was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse in


Amack was convicted of harassment and fourth-degree assault in 2016.

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