Port celebrates construction of new building at Multnomah Industrial Park for manufacturer

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: COURTNEY VAUGHN - A new building at the west end of Multnomah Industrial Park marks the latest addition to the industrial park. Building E was added to allow Composites Universal Group to expand and consolidate its operations.A new building at the Multnomah Industrial Park in Warren marks the expansion of Composites Universal Group and the newest building project from the Port of Columbia County.

Port officials announced the completion of a new 11,570-square-foot building at the industrial site to accommodate CUG's production facilities.

"The additional space will allow Composites Universal Group to expand and consolidate operations from their Scappoose facility," a news release from the port states. "It will house two industrial ovens which will be used to produce composite tools, components, and assemblies for the aircraft industry and other industries."

CUG builds composite tools and components, while providing assemblies to the experimental aircraft industry, according to the port. The company's service to the aerospace industry has expanded over the course of its nearly 25 year history to include marine, wind energy, drones, and auto industry customers.

The new 'Building E' as the port calls it, will add to the special district's portfolio of industrial buildings. It's also the second building investment the port has made on behalf of CUG in the last two years. In 2016, the port remodeled 'Building B' for CUG at Multnomah Industrial Park, to suit the company's needs.

Lease amendment documents indicate the costs of the building improvements were rolled into a restructured lease with Aero Investment Strategies, LLC, which operates as CUG. The company now pays $8,104 in monthly rent to the port, over a 20-year lease term, to cover the construction costs of the new building.

"The Port and CUG have identified some improvements to the construction project that would be beneficial to CUG ... and have agreed to incorporate the costs of those improvements into the Lease, in the form of an increase in the monthly rent," a lease amendment resolution states.

CUG has about 65 employees and plans to expand its employee base to an additional 20 over the next two years, the port stated in the news release.

"We are excited about the expansion of our facility at the Multnomah Industrial Park," said CUG company president Steve Ruege. "We couldn't have done it without the port's support and assistance over the years."

Multnomah Industrial Park also houses the ORPET recycling plant, a construction company office, a U.S. Pipe manufacturing site and Cascade Holdings.

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