I am writing in support of Measure 5-216, which would expand the urban growth boundary by 339 acres east of the Scappoose Industrial Airpark and by 26 acres on the city's southern boundary where Old Portland Road connects with Highway 30.

I normally do not get involved in politicis, but I believe this matter is too important for the future of Scappoose not to participate. Below are a few reasons why I believe we need to pass the measure.

Jobs - Most of the expansion takes place around the airport. The businesses attracted by the expansion will provide hundreds of well-paying jobs, many of which I hope will be filled by local residents. Every community in Oregon has a problem with 'not enough jobs.' We're one of the few communities that can actually do something about it.

C-Z Trail - Part of Measure 5-216 is to preserve and make needed upgrades to the current Crown Zellerbach Trail from West Land Road to the Multnomah Channel.

PCC - A Portland Community College satellite center near the airport is proposed. A yes vote on this measure would encourage PCC to build in Scappoose. A PCC center would provide opportunities for our community through education and jobs.

Cost - Here's the best part: It's not a tax initiative. The developer and other donors would fund the proposed expansions and the city and community would benefit through the creation of local jobs and an increase in the industrial tax base.

In dire economic times like we face today, Measure 5-216 is an opportunity for our community to move forward in a positive way. We don't want to miss out. It's too important.

Scappoose needs your support. Please vote 'yes' on Measure 5-216.

- Pete McHugh, Scappoose