Letter to Port of St. Helens commissioners

This letter is submitted for the record and as a formal request for the resignation of Commissioner Colleen DeShazer. If Commissioner DeShazer does not, of her own volition, tender her resignation, I would ask the board to persist in this regard.

Ms. DeShazer appears to be establishing a pattern of erratic behavior, and her personal conduct is now impinging on her role as an elected officer. Her attempt to curtail the Spotlight from reporting the cow-head incident was both unseemly and unethical. In her attempt to save herself from public scrutiny, she was willing to “pull the religion card out” and thereby insult Native Americans in our community. She insulted her neighbors when she suggested they can move if they don’t agree with her conduct and used foul language for added emphasis. This is the second time in recent months she has invited her constituents to move if they object to any of her beliefs or behaviors.

Further, Ms. DeShazer’s conduct has brought public ridicule to this board, the Port of St. Helens and our county. Unwelcome attention has been focused on our community, making us and you a national laughingstock.

Ms. DeShazer did make one statement that seems to shed light on her current status. She told the Spotlight she had personal issues, including several suspected medical conditions. This statement is truly believable, and many of us in the community hope that by eliminating the burden of public office, she will devote the time necessary to stabilizing her health.

Nancy S. Ward


Absolute confidence’ in leadership abilities

The Spotlight’s coverage of my county commissioner candidacy announcement was fair as far as it went. Mark Miller, from the Spotlight, caught me after my morning workout and my first statement to Mark was that I was not really prepared to make a statement — and then did. I also mentioned that I was in the process of coming up to speed on the issues that affect Columbia County.

When I read my own statement that I was a “babe in the woods” politically, my first concern was that it may send the wrong message. I meant quite simply that we cannot know all of a job’s ramifications until we have gained some experience. Please do not confuse inexperience with inability.

A military career requires many moves and job changes. It is not unusual to be thrown into a new position of significant responsibility with no prior experience. You learn to study, evaluate and adapt very quickly or the job suffers. Promoting through all but the final enlisted rank of E9, the Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) grades, and receiving a meritorious promotion from CWO to Lieutenant — Captain to those of you with Army, Air Force, Marine experience — is de facto career evidence of a highly adaptable and proficient leader.

I have absolute confidence in my ability to successfully represent the best interests of Columbia County.

William (Bill) Allen

St. Helens

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