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Letters published Feb. 26, 2016

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Pope owes Trump an apology

The Scriptures teach us that “a man who doesn’t provide for his family is worse than an infidel.”  

While food and shelter come to mind, doesn’t the idea of “shelter” mean more than just a dry place to lay your head? Certainly it means safety as well.  

How can someone who lives behind walls in the Vatican and has personal guards of the highest caliber even think that not providing safety for one’s offspring or elderly isn’t in the back of the husband or father’s mind?

In this world where thousands are chanting, “Death to Israel; death to America,” doesn’t it seem of the utmost importance that access to America be strictly monitored?  

Donald Trump deserves an apology.

Wayne Mayo


Open letter to Oregon Rep. Jeff Barker, D-Aloha

As I watched your Feb. 12 address on the House floor concerning the — as you called them — “crackpots” in Harney County. I wondered to myself if this is what this country has sunk to.

My next thought was that a man, and I use that term loosely, that just a couple of days prior, urinated all over his oath of office by passing HB 4147, the institutionalized unaccountability bill, out of his committee and onto the House floor, really has no moral authority to call anyone else a crackpot.

When you were pointing your finger at them, you should have noticed the other three pointing back at you. I wonder, do you only gloat when someone dies who is defending the Constitution, or did you make it a point to gloat over the death of Michael Brown who was an actual criminal?

I am guessing you were one of the nut jobs calling for vengeance on the police officer and asking for the U.S. Department of Justice to get involved.

Now that we have seen the video and studied it, it is quite possible and in all likelihood, that LaVoy Finicum was murdered, yet I do not hear you calling for the feds to release all of the evidence to be transparent and accountable to the people. I don’t hear your concerns about men in unmarked uniforms invading Oregon and masquerading as law enforcement who wouldn’t identify themselves.

Are the ranchers who have been threatened and assaulted crackpots too? What about the tyranny and corruption in Harney County ... is the state looking into that?

Let me get something straight: I do not agree with the tactics that Ammon Bundy and the others used by taking over the refuge, but I comprehend why they did it, and their reason was righteous. I understand that the federal government has absolutely no authority or right to own most of the land they claim. Ammon and others tried petitions and redress for years and were ignored. They watched as their family and friends were tormented, intimidated, bullied and some even ruined by the very government that is assigned to protect them.

By the way, that is your job too ... you are supposed to protect the rights of the people, not bow down to Michael Bloomberg, or use your speech time mocking some to divide others.

In closing, I would like to say that you, sir, disgust me. You were including Nevada Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore in the “crackpots” quote. How unprofessional and undeserving you are of your position. The job of government is not to govern, but to represent; not to divide or insult people, but act in a statesmanlike and professional manner; not to nanny, but to protect our rights. Our birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence, clearly states, “And to protect those rights, governments were instituted.”

I suppose that your revel will win you some votes with people who are morally deficient, but I can guarantee that it will lose you some too. Remember, these people were doing your job for you by defending the Constitution against all enemies and they put everything on the line ... what have you put on the line lately to protect the greatest human rights document that was ever created? For that matter, what have you done besides tax, spend and trample our rights?

Chris Brumbles

Columbia County

Coordinator for Oath Keepers and

Oregon Firearms Federation

St. Helens

Feeling lucky to represent commissioner hopefuls

How lucky can one person get in an election year? Two great candidates have decided to run for two different positions in the same election year and I have been asked to work to help get both of them elected. All joking aside — I am honored.

Alex Tardif is a bright, young candidate running for Columbia County commissioner, Position 3, against nearly 20-year incumbent, Tony Hyde.

Tardif is highly educated and motivated and has some incredibly good ideas on how to get Columbia County out of the stagnation which has encompassed us for nearly 20 years.

Hyde has recently been quoted as saying, “I just have this passion for Columbia County and getting things done in our community.” Well, he has had 20 years in which to get things done and all we continue to hear from him is the same “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra.

It really does not appear important how many county or state committees Hyde has been appointed to when what it really comes down to one thing — there are far fewer jobs in the county than when he took office and the taxpayers owe over $50 million in debt accrued during his tenure.

That’s it. That is all we need to know.

Tardif has said, if you can’t get it done in four years, or even eight years, you are not going to get it done. It is time to move on to something else.

He is right. Tardif holds degrees in both business administration and accounting. He can get it done and he has no desire to make being a county commissioner a lifelong career.

Brady Preheim filed for Columbia County commissioner, Position 1, just last week. He is running against three other opponents for the position being vacated by Earl Fisher.

Preheim has been a business owner in Scappoose for nearly 20 years. You do not stay in business that long unless you know how to balance your budget, and you know how to run a business. It appears the current commissioners do not know how to do so.

For example: Two years ago, the county commissioners took money from the jail budget to be used for other purposes. We were then threatened with the “outlaws” taking over the county unless we voted in a multi-million dollar levy to support the jail. We are still paying our taxes on that and — guess what? — the county will be asking for more multi-millions for the jail in November.

That is not balancing your budget.

We need new ideas and new people in office. We need new leaders. Brady Preheim is a bright, articulate leader who has been involved for years in the betterment of Columbia County. He is involved with the Chamber of Commerce, CASA, economic and development teams for both Scappoose and St. Helens, the Ford Family Foundation, and many other organizations over the years.

Replacing Hyde and Fisher could open up the county to a whole new way of thinking. We might actually have responsible and transparent government. We might actually be able to do away with backroom politics.

Don’t get me wrong — these candidates are not running together. They have totally separate campaigns, ideas and hopes for the county.

I am just lucky enough to be able to help both of them get elected.

Vote for Preheim, Position 1.

Vote for Tardif, Position 3.

Nancy Whitney

St. Helens

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