Angst agaisnt those who pushed prosecution of the Bakers, making it a successful spring wine tasting at the Watts House

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Somebody's bruised ego

What a shame to see Dave Baker in front of a judge (see "Father and son plead guilty to elections violations," May 5). With his recall effort not having an effect, apparently someone's ego was bruised.

I've known Dave and Riley Baker for years and they are caring people — thus the recall effort against Craig Melton, a Columbia River People's Utility District board director. Dave and Riley have helped me with many a project and I have yet to get either to take a dime from me. I know they have helped many others in the community as well.

The way I see it, Dave has already served plenty of community service, especially with all the time on the PUD board, and served with integrity ... not the shady way things appear to be done nowadays, including changing policies, $50,000 raises, etc.

I guarantee all the tags are on the Baker's pillows and mattresses! But leave it to a mean-spirited person to investigate.

John Breach


Better watch your back

A big thank you to Mike Sheehan for his letter to the editor (see "A warning to us all," Letters, May 12) regarding that unhappy business that happened to the Bakers. I think Mike expressed the feelings of a great many of us on what snowballed for Dave Baker and his son, Riley.

The really sad thing is that we are always asking people to get involved, but this just proves that someone's best intentions can get them in a whole lot of hot water. Remember, the state didn't go looking for someone who broke an election law; the state was following up on a complaint from a "local source." Patrick Flanagan, a prosecutor with the state Department of Justice, said the case was "unique." He said it was the first time he had seen a case like this.

I wonder if the "local source" is going to pursue charges against the person who actually forged the signatures on the petition, which started the legal problems for Riley Baker, as aggressively as they pursued charges against the Bakers?I remember when Scappoose was a nice place to live. Now you have to watch your back.

Kay Fail


Successful spring wine tasting at Watts House

The Watts House had a successful Spring Wine Tasting event on Sunday, April 30. Thanks to Rich and Mary Brown for all their work in getting great donations for raffle baskets. 

The Scappoose Historical Society thanks the following companies for their generous donations: Snap Fitness, Scappoose Creek Inn, Western Heating and Cooling, The Meating Place, Ixtapa Restaurant, Ichabod's Restaurant, Papa Murphys Pizza, Coyote Dry Cleaning, Scappoose Cinema, Simms Oriental Restaurant,  Longfellow's Restaurant, Hwy. 30 Barbers, Fork'd Restaurant, Old Towne Barber, Means Nursery, Ace Hardware and Rosebud Café. Helvetia Winery provided the wines and also gave away a free tour and wine tasting for six at the winery.

We appreciate all of our donors in helping us with this fundraising venture.

Elaine Thompson

Scappoose Historical Society

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