Concern for St. Helens marijuana grow operation on city property; Oregon is violating 2nd Amendment

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More needed on mysterious marijuana operation

It appears that the city of St. Helens may be going into the marijuana growing business. They say it will be a real boon to the people of the city and may employ up to 1,000 people.

I would love the thought of a business that will bring in large amounts of money and will employ lots of people. I was told that the city people seemed to think it is a great thing for everyone — so good they are willing to let this mysterious marijuana company have the property free of any rent for at least 10 months. The people running the company  have formed an LLC and its headquarters address can be traced down to a blind mail box. Marijuana is a cash-only business and I wonder if the city will be able to track its sales or monitor its profits.

I would also like to find out who the real owners are. I would hate the thought of our little city being used as a conduit to launder money for organized crime. Sometimes, when you hear something that appears to be too good to be true, it can often be too good to be true.

Bill Eagle

St. Helens

Into the oven, out of the stack

Well, it has happened.

After years of listening to Oregon politicians say how much they believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; how they respect the Second Amendment as they do everything in their power, including usurping it, to destroy your rights; and the countless times the left has said, "It won't happen here" — the

Oregon legislature has passed a confiscation bill that only awaits Gov. Kate Brown's signature.

Gee, I wonder if the tyrant will sign it.

Are you awake now? The Legislature has passed 719A which will allow a disgruntled family member or a police officer to tell a judge that you are nuts, at which time, without due process, he can issue a warrant to have your guns removed and the guns of anyone who lives with

you. You will know this is happening when you open the door and the warrant is served ... can't see anything going wrong there.

This illegal law was made under the guise of suicide prevention, emotion and ideology. The decision will be made without input from any medical or mental health personnel, and at this time I am not sure how you can un-ring that bell. As I said, this law violates due process, (Sixth Amendment), as well as the Second Amendment, and no, you won't be able to face your accuser.

If this isn't enough reason for you to sign the petition for the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance in your county, there is nothing that will move you.

Liberty is the inherent possession of man and not a government gift. They have tread far beyond their authority. Do we stand up, be vigilant and tell them "no;" or do we trust them as they lead us into the ghetto, onto the train, to the yard, into the oven, out of the stack.

Chris Brumbles

Columbia County Coordinator

Oregon Firearms Federation

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