Goble's Alison Derum offers commentary on the importance of preserving farmland at Port Westward, urging a 'no' vote on rezone

We should be very careful making decisions that negatively affect our local farmland. At any point should we collectively decide as a community to reject the industrial food system, or should it become unsafe or unsustainable, we absolutely need to have the option to grow our food locally. By allowing corporations to centralize our food systems they make us dependent, and if we allow industry to pave over farmland, we increase this dependency.

As a community, we should work toward self-sufficiency with resources locally available. Together we need to protect these resources and use our voice to tell our elected representatives to act in the best interests of the community, not the interests of foreign corporations.

More than 50 percent of this county is already owned by large corporations that pull our natural resources out and don't give back to our communities. We have the power to stop that relentless progression now, but we have to act fast. Protect your farmland! Provide a sustainable legacy for your children!

Pressure the county commissioners to vote "no" on the Port Westward expansion.

Alison Derum


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