Karen Holmberg, president and curator of the Scappoose Historical Society, annouces donation and has a request for a community contribution.

It is our pleasure to be able to announce a donation received from the Samuel S. Johnson Foundation for $2,500 on behalf of the Watts House. Our member Rich Brown has been working with Sen. Betsy Johnson to facilitate this donation based on our needs.

The Scappoose Historical Society has fairly recently begun a new genealogy program under the direction of our professional genealogist, Sue LeBlanc, and in this regard we have organized, filed and inventoried all the records we have at the house.

We have been working closely with the other historical groups in the county and sharing our overlapping histories. We plan to use the donation as the principal payment for a fireproof and waterproof lateral file to keep these records safe.

We have records that are 165 years old and go back to when Grant Watts' grandfather came to Oregon by wagon train in 1852. We have handwritten journals by the Watts family and many original store records from the Watts & Price General Merchantile before it burned in the early 1930s. We have many old pictures amd information about other pioneer families, but the information is too extensive to itemize here.

The price of the file will be approximately $3,200, plus delivery charges. We are beginning immediately to raise the additional amount of $700 with the hope of ordering the cabinet by the end of the year. We are asking the public to help preserve their history of Scappoose and help us raise the balance of the amount for the special file.

If you would like to donate toward this balance, our address is: The Scappoose Historical Society, P. O. Box 441, Scappoose, OR 97056. All donations will be sincerely appreciated.

If you plan to donate, or are unable to, we would encourage people to share their historic records with us. We would not keep the originals, but they would be scanned and the original material returned to the owner.

Thank you for any support you can give us to preserve the history of Scappoose.

Karen Holmberg

President and Curator

Scappoose Historical Society

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