Antifa members are mostly spoiled brats and cowards who don't even know what they want

According to Antifa, they are planning an Occupy-like protest that will go on until they get their way, which is to impeach or somehow remove our duly elected president. Again they are stomping their feet and messing their diapers. They also claim they will start a civil war if they don't get their way.

Now for some history: Antifa first came about in NAZI Germany as Communists who opposed the Brown shirts. After they got whooped by the Brown shirts, they joined with them — after all, the majority of them are useful idiots and it only required them to quit following one maniac (Stalin) and start following another maniac (Hitler); the ideologies were just different sides of the same coin.

After the fall of Communism, Antifa rose up in Germany again and has since spread to England and the United States. They are international in scope.

I have stood face-to-face against Antifa and they are mostly delusional spoiled brats and cowards who don't even know what they want, except for to "tear the whole thing down." The only thing that makes these kids dangerous is that they are so married to ignorance and are extreme followers who don't have the capability to think for themselves, use logic, or consider the consequences of their actions. They also think that facts are something used to send information to an office, i.e. a fax.

Unfortunately, Antifa is well funded by George Soros as well as other commies, and probably our tax dollars. They have been supported by the media and many politicians, including but not limited to the mayors of Portland and Berkley, Calif., who have for the most part made the police stand down at times while they witnessed criminal acts upon law-abiding citizens and property.

I believe the governor of Oregon is complicit with her silence. She is outspoken against anyone patriotic and anything constitutional, but embraces commie ideology — that's why she just signed an illegal confiscation bill that violated the Second, Four, Fifth, Sixth and 14th amendments, as well as the Oregon Constitution. Kate is a power-hungry control freak commie.

I ask everyone to call and email their politicians and tell them that we demand to live in a republic under the rule of law that we are guaranteed. These criminals need to be arrested and shut down before they get their wish and end up covered in dirt. If you are a parent to an Antifa brat, take them out behind the woodshed and teach them what consequences are. Chances are they need it, and it will be better than what will happen if they attack me or my patriot brothers. The 3% ... we are everywhere, and this we'll defend always.

Chris Brumbles

Deer Island

Contract Publishing

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