Just because some people dress up in masks and act like vandals and anarchists --- those who use any excuse to cause trouble --- it does not make them anti-fascists

I would like to thank Kathleen Fisher for her inciteful letter in the Columbia County Spotlight regarding Anti-FA (see "Eagle ignored reality of Anti-FA," in Letters, Nov. 17).

I sympathize with her fears and concerns in being "dragged out of her home by people wishing to slaughter her." I find this very thought to be frightening, but I think Kathleen may have missed the very point of my letter, or I may not have been too clear in what I had to say.

There may be a number of different anti-fascist organizations throughout the world, but to anyone's knowledge there is no proof that there is a coordinated worldwide anti-fascist movement, headed or financed by some sort of evil left-wing oligarch. There do exist vandals and anarchists who will use any excuse to create mayhem and violence, but that does not make them anti-fascists; what it does is show them to be violent, brutal, thuggish people.

For some reason, I would not expect middle-age ladies wearing pink hats of the Pussyhat Project condoning any sort of violence, nor do I think the Portland police or our governor would support people being dragged out of their homes to be slaughtered.

I am thankful that this is America, not Putin's Russia, Fascist Italy or Hitler's Germany. My prayer is that America will always remain a country with freedom and justice for all.

Bill Eagle

St. Helens

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