Why would one not think Antifa would condone violence against people in their own homes? That would be the logical progression.

Letters to the editor are restricted to 300 words. There is a 15-word grace window, though not everyone is strictly held to this restriction at all times, I've noticed.

Since I have not been the beneficiary of this lenience previously, my responses are, necessarily, abbreviated. My previous letter addressed Bill Eagle's quote in the fourth paragraph of his letter, titled "Anti-Climatic Antifa Attack." The paragraph noted: "Antifa — the worldwide imaginary anti-fascist movement."

Eagle throws out red herrings with abandon, so chasing them down is not only inadvisable but numerically impossible. Suffice it to say his efforts at deflection are, again, alive and well in his focus on "middle-age ladies wearing pink (expletive deleted) hats (wouldn't) condone any sort of violence.

Then Eagle opines that neither would Oregon's governor nor Portland's police.

Here's my take on this relaxed attitude toward government accountability regarding Anti-First Amendment violence: Portland TV news outlets showed Anti-First Amendment members drag a man from his car and beat the stuffing out of him. It showed them smashing a windshield trying to get at a young woman at the wheel of her car and shattering windows and doors to downtown Portland businesses.

As neither the governor nor the Portland police intervened, all of this begs the question: Why would one not think they would condone violence against people in their own homes? That would be the logical progression. And progression of Anti-First Amendment into greater numbers and protracted violence are their stated goals.

Eagle says he is thankful that this is not Russia, Italy or Germany. But when Anti-First Amendment thugs rampage in our streets, unchallenged, America closely resembles those totalitarian states he references.

One wonders to whom Mr. Eagle prays that "America will always remain a country with freedom and justice for all," as Mr. Eagle's attitude fairly guarantees that it will not.

Kathleen Fisher


Editor's note: None of Kathleen Fisher's letters to the editor published in the Spotlight regarding her position on Antifa were cut due to length. As with all letters, however, they are edited for grammar, style and — as much as time and resources allow — to ensure factual accuracy.

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