Thankful for commentary critical of Columbia County Commissioners Margaret Magruder and Henry Heimuller's 'yes' vote on Port Westward rezone

FILE PHOTO - Port Westward

I would like to thank Tammy Maygra, Bill Eagle, Nancy Whitney and others who have written to the Spotlight regarding Columbia County Commissioner Margret Magruder's "yes" vote to allow the re-zoning of agricultural land at Port Westward. I appreciate the letters to editor in local papers about the county rezoning proposal, and I am glad many have spoken out on the issue.

I am astounded by Magruder's vote. I think she is very wrong for voting "yes," as well as being hypocritical, as others have pointed out. I'm unhappy about it and horrified that it passed the county commission's vote.

Magruder's vote is a betrayal of those who supported her run for office. It flies in the face of both her campaign and her self-promoted reputation as part of the "Ag" community. I'm disappointed by her decision.

I find it hard to sum up the situation in a letter to the editor, so I'm very grateful to those who have taken the time to write. Ms. Magruder needs to be held accountable and called out for that unfortunate choice made in this case. Also, I am making a contribution to Columbia Riverkeeper right away to help keep up the fight.

Caroline Skinner

St. Helens