Sheriff's Office continues to strive toward its high calling without fear of what those with their agendas might come up with next

EDITOR'S NOTE: Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson offered his point of view following an interview discussion about recent news stories focused on concerns about the reserve deputy program, use of a canine for cell extraction at the Columbia County Jail, and other topics.

COLUMBIA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE  - Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson The main thing, from my perspective, is that with all the negativity from a few people and generated over some of the changes we endured, we continue to investigate and solve crimes; continue to protect people from some very serious offenders who remain locked up in our jail; continue to serve our process services county wide with extreme effectiveness; continue to provide security at the courts; continue to build a strong organization.

I would say that this organization is stronger than at any point it has been in the nine previous years and far stronger than when I inherited it in January 2009.  We have outstanding people doing an outstanding job and who are proud to be associated with our mission, which goes on unabated.

We will not be deterred by the efforts of some to make hay over perceived failures. We aren't perfect — far from it. But we continue to strive toward the high calling of this office without fear of what those with their  agendas might come up with next.

— Sheriff Jeff Dickerson

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