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'His previous district only gave glowing remarks about the work he accomplished while serving in their district'

It has come to our attention that there has been a newspaper article (see June 15 Spotlight, "Scappoose athletic director leaves district") and an anonymous blog post about our newly hired high school principal that has unfairly described his character. LINKEDIN - Quick

Mr. (Robert) Medley is a man of high integrity. He was open and honest throughout the hiring process and did share that at some point a person may attempt to smear his name. The bottom line is that we did a thorough background check, and found him to be highly respected. An individual did make an allegation over 13 years ago that was thoroughly investigated by the Scappoose School District as well as the state office of teacher licensure, and ultimately his name was cleared. During the past 13 years since the original allegation, he has only proved himself in that district to be a very hard working and highly respected individual. He has been a teacher, a coach, an athletic director and most recently served as an assistant principal at the high school.

Harney County School District #3 is highly committed to student safety and we would never hire anyone who we believe could even remotely harm any of our students in any way.

We can only see this individual's attempt to smear his name once again as hurtful and vindictive as he was investigated thoroughly by multiple agencies. No investigation resulted in any conclusion that Mr. Medley harmed or would harm a student. His previous district only gave glowing remarks about the work he accomplished while serving in their district and we have no reason to believe that he will do anything but serve in our district in a similar fashion. He is a hardworking individual who has a wonderful family who are all excited to move to Burns. Please join us in welcoming him and his family to our community and please take the time to get to know him so you can form your own impressions without relying on one individual's slanderous allegation that proved to not have enough merit to warrant district discipline or sanctions of any kind from TSPC (State Teacher Licensing Agency).

Regardless of this individual's slanderous opinions, we fully support him as our new high school principal and hope everyone in this community will welcome him. We are fully confident that our staff, students, parents, and community will find him to be an excellent principal.

Steve Quick


Harney County School District 3

Editor's note: Appearing below is a response to Steve Quick's statement from Ashley Girres, who authored the blog post and appeared as a source in the Spotlight's June 15 article about the departure of former Scappoose High School vice principal and athletic director, Robert Medley.

¦ I find Mr. Quick's comments to be ironic.

First he accuses me of slander. The definition of slander is to make a false statement damaging to a person's reputation. Everything I state in my blog series is backed by evidence. Much of which has been made public and is readily available for anyone who cares to review it. Including images and a police report in which Mr. Quick's new hire admits to what he did. The only difference is he and the "multiple agencies" who "thoroughly investigated" him find taking unsolicited photos of an underaged student's breasts and sending them to himself to be acceptable behavior.

I, on the other hand, do not.

Mr. Quick also accuses me of being vindictive. The definition of vindictive is to have an unreasoning desire for revenge. If I were being vindictive I would have named Mr. Quick's new hire and sent my blog link and all of the evidence supporting it, including statements I've received from other victims, to every single school district in the nation, including my own. I did none of the above.

And, as endearing as I find it to be that Mr. Quick believes everyone walking amongst us with a clean record has never committed a crime, I feel obliged to confess: I don't always wear my seatbelt and I rarely, if ever, come to a complete stop at stop signs. I've been pulled over multiple times for both and yet you would not find a single citation for either on my record. Mind-blowing, isn't it, Steve?

My blog series was not written to be vindictive and it most certainly is not slanderous. It is simply a true story written in hopes of shedding light on a very real problem and to stand up for the victims of the past, present, and future ... instead of perpetrators.

Ashley Girres


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