We watched a video of the business meeting of the Columbia District Health Board held on March 14 and are disturbed by what we heard.

Board member Gary Heidi suggested the health board be dissolved and placed under the control of the Public Health Foundation of Columbia County.

his foundation was established in August 2003 and had 501(c)(3) status. If you check online you will see that this agency was organized to 'support the efforts of' the Columbia River Community Hospital. It still remains a part of Columbia Health District.

The people on the PHFCC board were appointed by the health board. They were appointed - not elected. This would mean that you, the voters, would have no say whatsoever in who runs the board and distributes your taxes in the future. Nor is there any guarantee the 38 cents per $1,000 tax would be stopped. Would this tax money then go into the general fund of the county coffers and continue forever?

To us this is just an old-fashioned shell game. The health board is in trouble under one shell and so they will hide under a second shell. It appears the board intends to maintain control one way or another. With all due respect, this is nothing but the health board responding to pressure and attempting to hamstring the new board.

If the health board is truly interested in doing the best for public health, they need to support a clean slate. Nobody from the old guard should be involved.

- Madalene Anderson, FNP and Nancy Whitney, St. Helens