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'For everybody in the county, please don’t believe that your favorite talk show dingdong tells the truth. Money rules, and it is far easier to get it from foolish people'

Since Tom Ford (see "Global warming is not settled science," March 1, and Letters, March 15) spouts cherry-picked factoids to support a position equivalent to "flat-Earth-ism," I offer this instead, sir:

Mine has been a life of study in science and engineering while living in natural areas. I left Tektronix Research at the PhD level; I was an electrical engineer in high-tech, with work focused on ion beams, electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, etc.; I was an electrical engineer designing military microelectromechanical systems (MEMS); I have served as the vice president of research and development, and have inventions, patents and scientific papers to my name.

Next time you use any high-tech or electronic gizmo, visit a doctor, use a phone or watch TV, think of me and the many others whose work is in your life. We are the scientists, engineers and technicians who did the work — you are just a consumer. Facts are definable, observable, measurable and provable to those with knowledge and a desire for truth. Opinions, beliefs and ideologies are not facts. If you can use a tape measure to measure a few inches in 100 feet, note that I routinely deal with parameters that vary by 20 orders of magnitude, and can show the methods.

The statement on 40,000 year old CO2 levels is cherry-picked from a good body of data provided by the wise use of taxes — the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. Mr. Ford has an interest in geology. So do I, and state-of-the-art technology in this arena can measure many variables to 1 part in 10^5. We know what Neanderthals ate for dinner, what the rainfall was 100,000 years ago, what the atmosphere was 4 billion years ago, and changes affecting systems of survival for many species over many eons. Every square millimeter of Earth has been adversely affected — we take but do not nurture or improve.

For everybody in the county, please don't believe that your favorite talk show dingdong tells the truth. Money rules, and it is far easier to get it from foolish people. Example: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity get about $50 per second for deceiving you; lower-tier people are not far behind. You pay money to be lied to. Instead, please look at the scientific journals — yeah, they can be hard at first, but there is a requirement for we who do the work: We do not just look for things that may prove our concepts, we look for things that disprove them. That is the opposite of cherry-pickers, who flag on anything that remotely relates to their desired outcome. It is like folks given a diagnosis of lung cancer, but then recall an allergy they had from 10 years ago, decide that must be the problem, and go with that until death.

Among the factual data sources that are useful: The journals Nature and Science, both of which are more than 100 years old and respected all over the world; the IEEE Spectrum, a journal with much high-tech news; for geology, the American Geosciences Institute still has online access to its publication, Earth, where current and ancient geo- and life-science research can be found.

About propaganda: Years ago, I was glad to see the Tea Party efforts claiming to be "grassroots" — that is, until I did my homework. It was actually founded/funded by the oil/gas/coal billionaire Koch Brothers, along with a cadre of wealthy friends also in the fossil fuels business. The same with Americans for Prosperity, Cato Institute, control of the Heritage Foundation, and more.

Enron, BP and Chevron all did secret internal studies showing that their oil/gas products were, in fact, harming the planet; the U.S. Military is moving to stop its contribution

and is planning on losing some of its most important bases to climate change.

Do the homework or shut your pie-holes.

Charles Bickford

Deer Island

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