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'That is how propaganda works, and you use the methods of Karl Marx, Vladamir Lenin, Joseph Goebbels, and Julius Caesar, while claiming to hate them'

As a responsible rural gun owner and victim of multiple gun crimes, I do not think Chris Brumbles was directly involved in the St. Helens gunfight last week, when many bullets were fired in the city, but we all see that Brumbles craves attention and uses the dog whistle "Guns will save America! Be fearful of laws!" to get it.

The result is his strong, indirect relationship to many crimes.

During the recent crime, bullets did not hit their targets but were sprayed in an area with many people in danger. By chance, the initiator was killed near where Mr. Brumbles used to live in Deer Island. Traffic was diverted most of the day, causing about 3,000 driver/vehicle hours of delay and hassle— at $20/hour, there was a community cost of at least $60,000. Many law enforcement and legal hours will be expended; I estimate that cost at greater than $100,000 of our tax dollars. Add other costs, and our community was put at deadly risk at an expense of at least $250,000.

There have been about eight gun attacks in just St. Helens in the last year, more incidents of illegal gun usages, and still more in the rest of the county.

Mr. Brumbles, you hate a lot of things and deal in self-interest rather than high principle. The gun romancers are not the victims— the dead people are. Incessant deceptive rants like yours will cause extensive gun restrictions. What you use is a mashup of a very few facts mixed with TV and social media BS, and outright lies.

That is how propaganda works, and you use the methods of Karl Marx, Vladamir Lenin, Joseph Goebbels, and Julius Caesar, while claiming to hate them. Fear and hatred, then bread and circus.  Especially circus. These are not the methods of the founders of America. It is not useful to the nation to claim that ending unfettered gun romance is the primary hazard we face when there are true threats.

You don't care about your community, nation or planet—- what are you going to do, sir? Shoot the climate? Blow up population increases, food and water shortages? Will an AR15 prevent death from ebola, tuberculosis, measles, etc.?

There are 400 million guns in the U.S., at a cost of at least $200 billion. That is enough money to do great good in America. Instead, it does us harm. The Afghan war has killed less than half of the people killed in the U.S. by gun murders; there are more than 11,000 U.S. gun murders every year, versus 4,500 deaths in Afghanistan.

Follow the money, gifts, favors and back-pats. Brumbles used to make a living doing drywall, an honest profession; now he does propaganda and hides his sources of income. The local papers alone have given him more than 1,000 column-inches of free political advertising.

Several years ago, I asked in print as a victim, if Brumbles would assist in the identification, arrest, prosecution and punishment of gun criminals. He did not respond, so I ask it again. I also hope that he will clean up his act and work on things that really do threaten our society — resource destruction, man-caused climate change, overpopulation and the violence industry that profits from harm to the people and society.

This gun owner is not your enemy, Chris — I ask you to be an honest and genuinely useful citizen.

Charles Bickford

Deer Island

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